Hey there, it’s Elise. I’m a bit nervous now since it’s my very first bilingual blogpost. It’s been a while since my last post due to the miscellaneous stuffs I’ve been working on. Anyways, today I’d like to share with you my 2016 3 in 1 journal/ planner. 

I chose the collaborative planner of NTU Press and Take a Note as my 2016 go-to planner. Ahead of the NTU Press X Take a Note planner, I always used planners from moleskine. After joggling between these two, I finally made my decision. I love the quality of the paper of NTU X Take a Note, which is from ipaper, and the detailed design of the monthly and weekly forms. Most of all, it is the product from my own school, which means something to me because it might be my last half an year in NTU. 

If you are interested in the design of NTU X Take a Note, you can check this out: http://akatuki.me/note/?p=891(This post was written by the designer of this planner herself, including why and how she designed the forms, and how she uses this planner.)

在決定使用NTU X Take a Note的手帳前,我用的是Moleskine的週計畫本。原本有點難捨棄Moleskine,但多方參考後,決定試試NTU X Take a Note。台大出版中心和Take a Note合作的2016手帳用的是ipaper的紙,紙質滑順好寫,重點是墨跡不透。雖然我沒有用鋼筆的習慣,對於紙張抓附墨水的能力評價得可能不是那麼準確,但就算用簽字筆或是出水量很多的筆(Pentel B100 0.6和Staedtler pigment liner 0.5)還是不怎麼會透到背面,不會讓畫面髒髒的,表現得很得我心。再來一個選擇NTU X Take a Note的原因是,這可能是我待在臺大的最後一年了(希望!fingers crossed),或多或少有點紀念意義。

Take a Note的設計者寫了一篇NTU X Take a Note 2016手帳的使用方式,有興趣的人也可以參考看看囉!http://akatuki.me/note/?p=891

This planner is definitely the most efficiently designed planner I’ve ever got. There have already been plenty of posts regarding its designs. Here, I would like to talk about how I use it as a 3 in 1 journal/ planner, inclusive of daily planner, bullet journal and diary.

這本手帳應該是我用過設計得最縝密、最多功能的計畫本了,相當滿意!文具板上已經很多人寫過開箱文介紹這本手帳,我就不再贅言了。這裡我想分享的是,它作為我的Daily Planner, Bullet Journal和Diary的三合一記事本功能。

The cover of the planner was plain black, only with the caption of NTU Press X Take a Note on it at first. But then, I decorated it with stickers and washi tapes, and voila! I am so satisfied with what I’ve done! The theme of the cover is the city I would like to visit next! 

By the way, the SAKURA MICRON 0.4 is really smooth and the gel highlighters from Staedtler are way better than the MUJI ones.

原本手帳的封面是只有NTU Press X Take a Note 字樣的全黑頁面,(其實我有書衣,但用了一個月漸漸髒了以後,每次看到都很阿雜,於是把書衣換下來,自己裝飾封面),用了在抽屜裡找到的多年前買的金音貼紙和我們所上去年自己出的限量紙膠帶(超喜歡!),兩分鐘完成這個我很滿意的手帳封面!

順道一提,很喜歡SAKURA Micron!好寫又不透!Staedtler施德樓的膠狀螢光筆比MUJI無印良品的還要好畫,不暈染不粘黏。

The back doesn’t look as good as the cover. It’s a bit un-organized….


.The 3 in 1 functions of my 2016 planner: Daily Planner+ Bullet Journal+ Diary

In the past, I used to bring 2 to 3 notebooks with me wherever and whenever I went; however, it was kinda heavy and the multiple notebooks reduced the frequency for me of reviewing every note I’ve taken. Most of the time, after I wrote them down, it was officially over, seldom did I take time to flip them through, thus, impeded me from improvements. As a result, I made up my mind to combine all the stuffs in only one notebook in 2016. I experiment my 3 in 1 project with my NTU X Take a Note, and surprisingly, it works really well.

Most of you must have been familiar with the functions of monthly, weekly and daily planners. And for bullet journal, I first encountered the concept on Youtube, which I later found absolutely useful and effective pertaining accomplishing my works.

.Daily Planner+ Bullet Journal+Diary的三合一功能

我以往隨身都會帶上2到3本筆記本,分別記錄不同的事項。然而,一來,帶這麼多本子出門很重,二來,若沒有常常翻閱,也就不會常常提醒自己有哪些事情該做、哪些方面該改進,通常都是寫完也就完了,沒有下一步的動作。因此在這些前提下,再加上身為一個視覺型的人,決定2016要將所有東西全部放在一本本子裡,除了記錄方便外,也增加能常常翻閱的頻率,得以常常提醒自己,所以就將NTU X Take a Note拿來試驗啦。

月計畫、日計畫的功能大家應該都很熟悉了,也是手帳最主打的功能,況且每個人也有自己習慣的計畫方式,這裡就不多講了。而Bullet Journal這個概念我是偶然在Youtube上知道的,嘗試了一陣子後,覺得真的能大大提升工作效率!



I’ve been subscribing planners and time managements channels on Youtube. Among them, I would like to recommend my favorite 2 channels to you. They are Seaweed Kisses and Mariana. I adore their video qualities. For Seaweed Kisses, I really like her tender voice and the ways she journals. For Mariana, which is my favorite, I share similar stationery taste with her. Her handwriting and doodling are extremely pretty. And most importantly, I find her videos really helpful for time managements and tasks accomplishments.

I adopt Mariana’s keys of bullet journaling. I track down literally everything on the section of my daily planner, including my daily expenses, the amount of characters of my thesis, and so on.


我在Youtube上訂閱了不少計畫/時間管理的頻道。其中,我最想推薦的是Seaweed KissesMariana。除了影片的品質和風格很對我的味之外,我也很喜歡她們的筆記本和文具的風格。Seaweed Kisses的聲音柔柔的超好聽,而Mariana影片裡提到的計畫和時間管理方法,對我來說幫助滿大的。重點是,她們兩人的語速讓我不用開字幕就可以全部聽懂,講話也不會太高頻讓人神經太緊繃XD我現在Bullet Journal直接複製她的計畫法,追蹤了所有生活相關的細節和數字,包括每日花費、論文字數等等。唯一不同的地方在於,我沒有分成兩本筆記本來記錄。


I am obsessed with sticky notes and memos! They are indeed helpers for planning and journaling. I would also paste movie and museum tickets on the exact date section in memory of what I have done and to color that day up.


I bought the cutest hedgehog memo from Natural Kitchen, which cost my only NT50!

超可愛的刺蝟便簽是在Natural Kitchen買的,50元就有一本三色的可愛小刺蝟!

I keep short diaries in my planner as well. Sometimes I would also write down the items I want to buy to prevent impulse shopping.


At first, I planned to share with you the more thorough planning systems I’ve been using. However, I find it really difficult to illustrate them in a not so long article. Anyways, I combine the functions of my daily planner, bullet journal and my diary all in my NTU X Take a Note planner. Through the usages of sticky notes, color pens and highlighters, I am able to organize my journal. Reviewing it frequently pushes me to realize whatever I plan to do. All in all, I would recommend you to know more about bullet journal and put it into practice, which will surely accelerate your efficiency.

其實原本想更仔細的介紹我的計畫法,但覺得真的很難清楚而言簡意賅的描述。總之,就是把計畫、代辦、目標、日記全部寫在一起,透過便利貼、標籤、各色原子筆、螢光筆,讓整本計畫整齊,平常經常翻閱複習,並且將計畫付諸實行。推薦大家落實Bullet Journal,對工作效率真的幫助不小:)


All photos taken by my iPhone 5s
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