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Voila! My #accro bijoux collections! Three Parisian brands consist of my collection: Isabelle Michel, Gag et Lou and BDM Studio (which is not presented in the photo above). The brands #accro bijoux presents are always elegant, gorgeous, and are able to show one’s personality. Not only do they resemble the French style, but also demonstrate the attitude of confidence toward life.
我的#accro bijoux收藏!包括了Isabelle MichelGag et Lou以及BDM Studio(不在首圖裡)三個法國巴黎的設計師品牌。#accro bijoux所引進的飾品,或說輕珠寶,表現的是一派優雅、大器而自由的氣質。不只是法式風格,更是一種面對生活從容不迫、由衷優雅的態度。
The pieces I possess are Isabelle Michel’s Manhattan ring, and Colette ring in silver, Gag et Lou’s bracelets, ring, and a necklace(which I bought in a select shop in New York), and the Orient ring from BDM studio.
我所擁有的款式分別是:Isabelle Michel Manhattan金色尾戒Isabelle Michel Colette銀色食指戒Gag et Lou單圈小圓球手環(一枚在#accro買的,一枚在紐約的select shop買的)、Gag et Lou工字戒指Gag et Lou羽毛項鍊(在紐約的select shop買的),以及BDM Studio Orient法式多環戒指
Some might know that #accro is the select jewelry brand of a Taiwanese blogger, MillyQ. It introduces European designer jewelry brands, which do not launch shops or have sales lines in Taiwan. I really appreciate Milly’s sincerity, hard work, endeavor, and of course, her precisely delicate and elegant taste. Although the jewelry pieces from #accro are a bit unaffordable for me, I will still save for some time to get one. Once you own one, you’ll know why the price is set, whose quality is totally worth it. Most of the time, I do not shop for products per se, but also for the stories behind.
應該不少人知道,#accro是Blogger MillyQ的品牌,專門引進台灣沒有的歐洲設計師飾品。我很喜歡Milly的真誠、認真和努力,還有精準的眼光。雖然#accro的飾品價位不太可愛,但買過後才真正了解何謂一分錢一分貨。品質之外,很多時候購物,買的是它背後的那個故事。

Is it worthy to spend thousands of dollars on one ring?
As I’ve mentioned earlier, the pieces from #accro are a little expensive for me. Spending two thousand dollars on one ring is a lot of money on my financial basis. (But by the way, their quality is really nice!)
I used to buy accessories from fast fashion shops, like H&M and Forever 21; however, they always got oxidized within perhaps two weeks. Believe me, you would never want to wear accessories that are rusty. As a result, it seems a better deal to buy higher quality accessories than those cheap but easily oxidized ones.
其實以前我也很愛買那種三、五百塊的平價飾品,但真的一分錢一分貨,百元飾品往往兩個禮拜就開始氧化褪色。生鏽又掉漆的飾品,真的很難讓人再提起興趣去佩戴它。因此,這樣換算下來,每天佩戴,戴了一年半多的Isabelle Michel Manhattan尾戒,比起三百元只戴過三次的戒指,C/P值實在高上太多。(坊間也有很多類似的飾品,我也嘗試買過,但質感真的差!很!多!)
I really adore the fretwork and lines of Manhattan’s design. What’s more, gold is indeed my color! Manhattan is my very first ring from #accro Bijoux. I received it on October 2014, wearing almost every single day after I got it. Till now, there are some flaws of oxidization due to water and sweat, but it still looks really nice.
很喜歡Manhattan鏤空與線條的設計,加上金色是我的顏色啊!Manhattan尾戒是我的第一枚#accro collection的戒指,2014年10月收到到現在,從來沒有後悔過。不過由於每天佩戴,洗手、流汗等等影響,讓她的邊邊褪成紅銅色,也有一點掉漆,但這僅止於與皮膚接觸的那面,她的表面依舊閃耀。半年買一只,應該不為過吧?
The second piece I got from #accro is Gag et Lou’s bracelet, which was my Christmas gift from my boy in 2014. Albeit it seems fragile and easy to slip through your wrist, it actually clings on your wrist solidly, maybe due to precise calculations? By the way, you can also make some adjustments for how wide it opens. This little golden Gag et Lou bracelet fascinated me so much that I bought another identical one from a select shop in New York during my stay in NYC(and also a feather necklace!). It was cheaper to buy it from the select shop in New York than from #accro (but USD is more expensive now than one year ago). Despite the price, I’ll still purchase accessories from #accro, for the convenience.
第二件是Gag et Lou單圈小圓球手環。這是我2014年的聖誕禮物。雖然手環在手腕上看起來鬆鬆的,岌岌可危,但她可能經過精密的工學計算,真的不會掉下來XD再者,因為手環不硬,可以適度調整開口處的大小,可以不用太擔心會遺失。因為太喜歡這個小手環,但#accro一個賣三千多實在太貴了,於是到紐約時拜訪了當地的法式select shop,又帶回另一枚Gag et Lou手環,以及一條羽毛項鍊!(我在紐約select shop買的Gag et Lou手環,換算台幣大概2400左右。#accro真的賣得比較貴一點。不過因為購買方便,加上實在很喜歡它的設計,(而且現在美金漲好多哦QQ),所以如果沒有要出國,還是會考慮直接在#accro買。)
(My gold #accro accessories, plus my Vivienne Westwood watch)

I got this Colette silver ring at #accro’s first pop-up shop. Enchanted by Isabelle Michel’s bold and characteristic design, along with the attractive attached circle form, I had no second thought to wonder if I should buy it. The metaphorical meaning and possible stories it might bring thrilled me. Only did I joggle between the colors, the gold one or the silver one? I was always a gold person, but this Colette ring looked so charming in silver, so I broke my golden curse, bringing it home.
Isabell Michel Colette銀色戒指是在#accro第一次的pop-up shop帶回來的。鍾情於Isabelle Michel大器有個性的設計外,也對這個環環相扣彷彿無限的外形相當著迷。喜歡它的隱喻性與可能發展出的故事。這也是我第一次考慮金色以外的飾品!當初在金色和銀色間考慮了很久,但這枚純銀戒指實在太美了,第一次突破我的金色魔咒。
The Orient ring from BDM Studio is the fourth piece that I got from #accro in this February. Frankly speaking, I was a bit disappointed when I first received it. It was not like the Isabelle ones or the Gag et Lou ones. It looked like circles of gold iron wires twining my finger….
Nevertheless, the disappointment did not last long. After wearing for a few days, I came to appreciate other beauty the Orient ring carried, the simplicity among complexity. I do like the concept.
BDM Studio的Orient多環戒指是我今年二月中從#accro帶回的第四樣飾品。剛收到的時候其實有點失望,覺得質感不如Isabelle Michel或是Gag et Lou(它實在很輕),而且越看越像把金色鐵絲纏在手指上⋯⋯囧
不過時尚打扮就最重要的,除了表現自己、展現自己的態度之外,就是讓自己開心。丈母娘看女婿,越看越有趣(?),也越戴越喜歡。BDM Studio的Orient簡單中有複雜,僅只一枚戒指,卻在視覺上看來不只一枚戒指,簡單卻不簡單,我喜歡這樣的概念。

Oh, by the way, this Gag et Lou ring is a bit loose. So, be careful when wearing it!

 對了,Gag et Lou這枚工字戒指雖然可微調戒圍,但就算調到最緊,戴在我的右手食指上還是略鬆。要常常注意它,不然很容易就會飛出去。(有過好幾次經驗,當初都是心一揪,然後快手接住XD)

(#accro的包裝滿用心的,雖然有點過度包裝XD 除了商品本身的防塵袋外,還有一個鋪了海綿的紙盒裝盛飾品,外面再用牛皮紙袋加上可愛的紅色草編繩包裹寄送。)



Okay then, see you next time!



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