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Hello and sorry for those who still stop by and read my blog, for not posting anything for over a month. I have been struggling with my master thesis, which is a 100,000+ words giant writing. It is finally coming to an end. I hope I can finish it ASAP, so I can post more often here! There’s so many I would like to share!
Now, as I am still stuck with my thesis, I want to give you a quick update of my trip to Nanfangao in early May. (I know it’s been a long while though….)



Voila! Here you go!

This one is definitely my favorite pic of this series. The atmosphere I captured in this photo can tell you so much.



The Nanfangao harbor gave me the feeling of Cinque Terre in Italy. I have never been there, and do not know why I got this feeling, but in my mind, the Cinque Terre might be the bigger and fancier version of Nanfangao.




Yummy squid ink ice cream!

Natural 天然手作的新鮮墨魚汁冰淇淋!


Some captures of the fishermen 


There’s about 10 minutes walk from the downtown area to the beach. 


The place we stayed in Nanfangao was The New Days, an amazing place. I plan to write an article regarding this nice hotel. Stay tuned!

這次來南方澳玩下榻的是The New Days日新大飯店,是間老屋翻新的飯店。很喜歡它的空間配置和佈置。之後應該會寫一篇The New Days的文章來記錄它。等我!

About my outfits:
Coat, jeans: Starmimi
T-shirt: Bershka
Shoes: crocs

Hope you all enjoy my photos!

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