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Nothing is what it seems.

Are these tubes oil paint or hand balms?  You bet, they are hand balms from the latest popular brand associated with H&M, & other stories.

When first witnessing these gorgeous products online, I was totally enchanted by the beautiful packages. It is also said that the scents vary, and the moisture thrives.  & other stories is one of my favorite brands these days. Though I haven’t had the chance to shop in their retail stores till now, it is something that will definitely take place in the future. (which means I have already written that down on my travel notes lol)

Aside from the oil paint-like hand balms, other beauty products, mostly body & bath ones, are so pretty as well. Simple but eye-catching. Most of all, the good news is all these products are affordable! The hand balm only costs 5 euros per tube, and the lip balm takes also 5 euros; the scented candle, guess what? Only 17 euros!

Give it a try when you visit & other stories next time!


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這究竟是油畫顏料還是護手霜?猜對了,它正是最近著名的& other stories 推出的護手霜系列。

這間 H&M 旗下,2013 年才成立的品牌,主打簡約質感,短短三年內在時尚圈中展露頭角,深受大眾、部落客和時尚編輯的喜愛。

我第一次在網路上看到這些可愛的護手霜形象照時,不禁心跳加速。本來就是個護手霜控的我,看到 & other stories 這些價格實惠、 氣味多元好聞而又滋潤,重點是包裝又如此可愛的護手霜,實在很難再將它們抽出我的腦海中。只是,護手霜在 & other stories 的實體店面數量不多,不太好買。之前請了代購幫忙,也是由於沒有買到我想要的味道而暫時作罷。(暫時的)

比起我最近很愛的 Aesop 護手霜,& other stories 的價格實在太平易近人。一條換算台幣不到180 元,包裝同樣簡約可愛的護唇膏,200元以內就能買到,就連大多香氛品牌都價格不菲的香氛蠟燭,也只要600多元!

在這個競爭激烈的時尚界要能保有一席之地,無非創意的一較高下。& other stories 將護手霜包裝成顏料,在消費者還在疑惑的同時,就已將商品形象深深植入觀者內心。擁有一個第一眼不知究竟是什麼的產品,一來增加了話題性,二來也配合顏料的性質,區辨了不同的香味。Bravo, & other stories!

下次若有機會經過 & other stories 店鋪,不妨進去試試吧!


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