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As a thriving Taiwanese online bookstore Books  states, DANSK is the platform where talented Denmark designers are revealed. When we talk about fashion designers in New York City, we come up with Marc Jacobs; when in Milan, Miuccia Prada must take the reign, and in Paris, Jean Paul Gaultier and Karl Lagerfeld (and of course a lot more) pop up in our mind. However, who is the leading fashion designers in Denmark? We have no idea about it. DANSK is the magazine introducing us outstanding Scandinavian designers.

紐約有極具天份的 MARC JACOBS,米蘭有赫赫有名的 MIUCCIA PRADA,巴黎則是有 GAULTIER 和 KARL 坐鎮,那麼丹麥呢 ? 這個一向以裸身美人魚石像作為註冊商標的北方國家,有什麼樣的特色可以讓時尚圈驚艷呢 ? 其出色的手工藝術和精細的質感,還有合理的價錢,在未來或許將會成為時尚業的賣點;但最好還能再添加一些個人特質,如此才能和目前引領潮流的大品牌們一同爭取媒體及消費者的青睞。 DANSK 將一一披露這些精緻的資訊。-《博客來》



Scandinavian style has stormed the whole world in recent years. The influence ranges from fashion, interior designs, lifestyle, and even food/ dining habit. People are gradually pursuing this kind of relieved living condition, without pressure resulted from excessive material. In DANSK, we seem to notice the very first Scandinavian impression, but then, DANSK tells more, about creativity, avant-garde and a little bit rebellion.  What will happen when these two kinds of paradoxical elements are juxtaposed? Interesting, huh?


「北歐」這一關鍵詞近幾年來在世界各地風起雲湧,不分國籍的人們都開始欣慕起北歐乾淨、俐落、極簡的生活態度。從時裝、居家佈置、生活風格,甚至飲食,越來越多人開始嚮往這種無負擔,不再被物質捆綁,更重視心靈自由的生活模式。丹麥出品的 DANSK 雜誌,某部分符合了我們對於北歐的粗淺想像,網站上提供的內頁,照片整體而言簡單、色調乾淨,但卻讓人印象深刻,而它同時也帶有某部分的新奇、前衛與叛逆。當將極簡與意想不到的元素放在一起,會碰撞出什麼火花?


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I haven’t received my DANSK 2016 A/W yet. After reading it, I’ll definitely write another post regarding what I think and feel, and maybe some comparisons between its website and the magazine. Stay tuned!

我訂的 DANSK 2016 A/W 還在路上,等拿到讀完了再來分享心得 ; )



Images via DANSK

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