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Photo via Grown Alchemist’s Instagram

Grown Alchemist, an Australian brand founded in Melbourne in 1999, launches its skincare  products focusing on accelerating metabolism of our skin with organic ingredients, along with its environmental friendly packages and no animal experiments. And now, it’s available in Taiwan.

Grown Alchemist ,一個1999年成立於澳洲墨爾本的有機保養品在八月正式登台。之前在 ELLE 以及 Marie Claire 都曾看過報導,在 Instagram 上也曾多次看過它的身影。Grown Alchemist 除了包裝與我很喜歡的 Aesop 很像,也同樣都來自澳洲墨爾本。不過,它還多了環保與有機的堅持:天然有機的原料、對環境友善、易於回收的包裝,以及不做動物測試的理念,都讓我覺得一定要好好認識這個品牌。Grown Alchemist 價格比 Aesop 稍微低一些,包裝同樣低調質感, 由10/10 HOPE 代理入台。


Photo via Grown Alchemist’s Instagram

I had a reunion dinner with my college friends last night. After dinner, we strolled to Breeze Center as one of my friends would like to try out Diptyque perfume, and I had interests in discovering products from Grown Alchemist. The scent of the  classic hand cream of GA is really similar to Aesop’s Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm, but the smell of GA’s is more malleable and tender for me, finding a better balance of vanilla & orange peel.

昨晚和大學直屬學姊們在市民大道吃完飯,酒足飯飽之際(其實我們沒喝 lol),便散步到微風廣場晃晃。剛好學姊想試 Diptyque 的香水,而我也想一探 Grown Alchemist 究竟,於是到了10/10 HOPE。其實這是我第一次到微風廣場的10/10 HOPE,整間店逛起來很舒服,除了到處都是宜人的香味,店員不黏人也不推銷,有問題的時候她們也很樂意解惑,整體感覺相當不錯。Grown Alchemist 的經典護手霜味道聞起來和 Aesop 的賦活芳香護手霜非常像,但對我來說更溫潤些。Aesop 的佛手柑味道更濃,而 Grown Alchemist 則在香草和橙皮間找到了平衡。


Grown Alchemist Hand Cream-Vanilla & Orange Peel $ 700/ 2,200


Grown Alchemist Lip Balm- Vanilla & Watermelon $ 450

In addition to the hand cream, I’m also very curious about GA’s lip balm. Vanilla & watermelon, doesn’t it sound very sweet, fruity and refreshing just by its name? Sadly, it is all out of stock in Taiwan. It seems I have to wait for sometime, and visit it again. But good things are worth the wait, right?

其實品牌的經典護手霜外,我最感興趣的是 Grown Alchemist 的護唇膏。香草和西瓜,這個味道光看字面就覺得清爽香甜。無奈這款護唇膏竟然全台缺貨!看來只好再等等。或許等到週年慶時就有貨了?


This soap looks really good with its minimalistic package as well. Though I haven’t seen it at the store, it has already been listed in my must-try. I’ll definitely see you next time, Grown Alchemist.

這款身體潔膚皂簡約的包裝讓人也想試試,然而在櫃上似乎也不見蹤影。那應該就是要我再找機會回去把它們都帶回家啦。這次與 Grown Alchemist 的失之交臂或許會促成下一次的美好。(希望下次我想要的產品都有貨!)

Photos via 10/10 HOPE

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