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I finally got my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac after years of hesitation! I did not purchase this bag for so long due to not wanting to buy it in its full price and not wanting to shop impetuously without further consideration regarding my personal habits. However, when I eventually thought thoroughly and there happened to be sales, bags with colors I want were always outcasted from the discount list. Thus, I postponed my purchase till late August this year.

經過長達兩年的深思熟慮,我終於購入了我的第一個 Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac!一直沒有下手的原因除了不想以正價購入外,還考量到我一直是個大包人,小包實在無法符合我每天出門所需(雖然每次背大包背得腰酸背痛時,又開始逛小包。人真矛盾 lol),同時也一直在觀望 RM 的品質。曾經在 Shopbop 上幾次差點要入手,不過都在最後一刻煞住,那時候特價的顏色都非我首選,不是螢光黃、螢光粉,就是很淺很淺幾乎白色的藍灰色。好不容易在八月底時終於讓我等到了最想要的藍色,於是刻不容緩馬上下單。


I bought this denim blue mini mac with silver strap on Shopbop with 30% percent off, which was $136.5 (whose full price was $195). As I opened my package, I found its color lighter than what I perceived (but there were merely any differences from the photos on Shopbop ). It really is denim blue, just with slight purple shades. It is also heavier than I thought, mostly because of the strap. The quality of the leather is nice, only with some acceptable scratches. The zippers are smooth as well, and there is a tiny logo on the back. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with this purchase.

我在 Shopbop 上以七折,美金136.5元(折合台幣約4300元)入手了 Mini Mac Denim Blue 銀鍊(原價195鎂)。收到包裹,我有點訝異它的藍色調比我想像中還要淺一點(不過跟 Shopbop 上的照片幾乎沒什麼差別),藍中帶了一點偏紫的調性;重量也比我想像中再重些,因為鍊帶的關係。皮質很好,表面有些微、但還能接受的刮痕。內裡不像大家拿到的那樣繽紛,是全黑的但可以看到一些幾何圖形。拉鍊滑順好拉,包包背面有 Rebecca Minkoff 的小鐵牌 logo。


Like its name, mini mac indeed stays mini. It’s impossible to accommodate loads of stuffs. It can only fit my PRADA purse, key chain, iPhone 5s, card holder, three lipsticks/ lip balms, two packages of tissues and one bag of napkins. Though it can only carry a few, it’s quite enough for daily uses. After all, this cross-body bag  is not supposed to let you carry a lot of stuffs; rather, it enables you to travel light.

Mini Mac 能裝的東西真的不多啊(難怪它叫mini mac)!比起以前曾經買過的 Passion 小包(心得文這裡請),它的容量不大,不過尚可裝得下我兩年前在荷蘭 outlet 以非常實惠的價格購入的 PRADA 中夾、鑰匙、iPhone 5s、悠遊卡夾、三支唇膏、兩包面紙和一包濕紙巾,大概這樣就是極限了。手機若沒放好,包包會很鼓。



It is quite hard to adjust the color of the bag in the photos as this kind of denim blue is so versatile. When under sunlight, it shows some kinds of light blue; when indoor, it changes shades according to the light. Photos above are proximate to its real color, while photos below, ah ha, what do you think? Another mini mac, huh?


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


By the way, my first impression of the Mac series from Rebecca Minkoff was not from Serena in Gossip Girl; instead it was from Annie in 90210. (I prefer 90210 much better lol)

題外話,對 Rebecca Minkoff 的 Mac 系列開始感興趣不是由於 Gossip Girl的 Serena,而是 90210 的Annie。(比起 Gossip Girl 我覺得 90210 好看很多XD)


Photo via PRADUX

Anyways, I really like this Mini Mac. Hope it will accompany me for a very a long time.

其實原本想拍幾張穿搭照來當155公分背 Mini Mac 的比例尺的,無奈最近一直下雨。整體而言,我對 Mini Mac 還滿滿意的,希望它能陪我很久:)

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