Material Girl|The Handmade Derby: OLI 13 from Spain 西班牙手工帆布鞋 OLI 13

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As its slogan “Handmade in Spain” announces, OLI 13 is a Spanish brand manufacturing its shoes all by hand, of course, especially with environmentally-friendly materials, natural rubber and a heart of delivering traditional artisanship. At first, I fell in love with OLI 13 mostly due to its audacious color block, but later, when trying them on and walking for a long time, I found them not only chic but also very comfortable.

來自西班牙的帆布鞋品牌 OLI 13,在傳統、環保與時尚中找到了中位點。秉持著傳統工藝的精神,堅持手作,並採用環保材質和天然橡膠為原料,製作出一雙雙品質精良、配色大膽的鞋款。



I’ve known OLI 13 for quite a long time, but never gave it a shot until recently. I’m really obsessed with its color block system; yet my experiences with canvas shoes weren’t that good, thus kind of stopping me from trying. I’ve got Converse and Superga; neither of them were as comfortable as OLI 13.

For a color block enthusiast, it’s so hard to just pick one combination out of those brilliant sets. After days of weeks of hesitation, the mix of grey and yellow derby is what I brought home.

很久之前就一直在關注OLI 13,它的撞色設計很我啊!不過考慮到平時實在很不常穿帆布鞋,於是遲遲沒有下手。前陣子意外得到一雙 OLI 13 當禮物,那時候在選色上猶豫了很久,最後決定了灰 X 黃配色、深藍鞋帶的德比(derby)鞋。

比起 Converse 鞋頭太尖、Superga 太重還有點磨小指,OLI 13 真的是我穿過最好穿的帆布鞋。不會太重的本體配上剛好的楦頭,就算走很長的路也不太會累,第一次穿也不磨腳。穿了隱形襪,尺寸也只要拿平常的大小就可以了。




Frankly speaking, these photos were shot when I wore my derby for the very first time (by a newly-met friend!). Surprisingly, they fit my feet so well that enable me to walk for a very long time. They also go along with any kinds of my outfits. Although the combination of grey and yellow might seems too bright, they actually did blend into most of the colors I usually wear: navy blue, military green, grey and of course black and white. If not for the rain recent days, I would definitely wear them everyday, literally.

原本以為灰黃(輝煌)配色的鞋會比較難搭配,其實真正上腳之後才發現一點都不,都是自己的想像侷限了自己。我平時的穿著莫過於黑、白、灰還有深藍與墨綠,整體風格也偏簡單俐落。踩上一雙 OLI 13 非但不顯突兀,還巧妙融合進我的衣著當中。雖然比起其他品牌的帆布鞋,OLI 13 的價位的確高了些,但它的舒適度和特別度都遠大於其他大廠的鞋款。若非最近常下雨,否則我應該會天天穿它。(大家颱風天注意安全!)



Top: Starmimi
Pants: Starmimi
Shoes: OLI 13
Bag: Atelier Des Amis
Watch: Daniel Wellingtion

Elise Ay

踏過了一部分的世界,目前選擇落腳紐約。Elise 拿到了紐約 Parsons 時尚研究學程的碩士學位,也結束了游移在各大時尚品牌擔任公關實習生的工作。她在紐約時尚文化圈的旅程才正要開始。



  1. September 14, 2016 / 10:41 pm

    beautiful look and pictures! i love the timeless simplicity <3
    instagram: the_ch1ara

    • September 18, 2016 / 9:06 pm

      Thank you so much!
      Love your style too xx

    • September 18, 2016 / 9:09 pm

      OLI 13 比起來好穿很多!

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