Fashion Observation|Michael Kors X Fujifilm|繼 Leica Sofort 之後,Michael Kors 即拍即顯影的時尚拍立得


乘著時裝週「即看即買」(See now, buy now)的快速風潮,Michael Kors 今天發佈了與 Fujifilm 聯名的 Instanx Mini 70,即拍即顯影的拍立得,彷彿也是對這波高端時尚踏上「即時」浪尖的回應。

When fashion and photography collide…

As Paris Vogue stated this way, yes, you bet, Michael Kors just launched its collaboration with Fujifilm–the Instanx Mini 70.

As the slogan “See now, buy now” becomes a fad throughout fashion weeks and luxury brands worldwide, it seems Michael Kors tossed his response to it, with this collaboration of instancy deeply rooted.





一週前才剛上市的 Leica 拍立得相機 Sofort 熱潮還未退,Michael Kors 也不遑多讓推出了比起 Leica 更為平價的拍立得相機。(Leica Sofort 的價格約為310美金,Michael Kors X Fujifilm 為149.99美金,相當於Leica 的一半價格。而一般的 Fujifilm Instanx Mini 70 售價則為120美元。)一為相機的經典高端品牌,一則為時尚品牌跨足攝影的聯名款,無論哪一台,都相當吸引人。


In fact, the classic camera brand Leica just introduced its Sofort instant camera to market two weeks ago. Now, there is Michael Kors X Fujifilm. No matter what, both of the two cameras fascinate me.

The Leica Sofort costs about $310 USD, while the Michael Kors X Fujifilm takes only half price of Leica around $149.99. (Normal Instanx Mini 70 costs $120.)





這台聯名款相機金色的外表一如 Michael Kors 給人的典型輕奢華感,正面的品牌名稱與背面的設計師簽名,讓這台 Instanx Mini 70 彷彿有了時裝設計師的加持,將能拍出更具藝術感的照片。外形之外,MK 聯名款相機的其他功能則與一般的 Instanx Mini 70 無異。

而以包款風靡世界的 Michael Kors,怎麼會放過這次聯名的週邊機會?他也一併推出了相機週邊商品,像是拍立得相機包 Scout Bag,美麗、奢華又實用。


The gold color of this Instanx accords with what I feel about Michael Kors: casual luxury. The brand logo on the front and the signature printed on the back also endow this Instanx some fashion fantasy.

In addition, Michael Kors has its own camera bag designed as well. The Scout Bag is not only practical, but also very chic.





Michael Kors Scout Bag, around $405

若非兩週前我已經參與了Lomo’Instant Automat 的集資計劃,我應該會入手MK 的這台拍立得。(儘管 Leica 是我心中相機無可超越的巔峰,然而一台拍立得要價一萬台幣實在太高了。)

If I didn’t fund the Lomo’Instant Automat on flyingV, I would probably shop for this Michael Kors X Fujifilm. However, it’s just if….

All Michael Kors X Fujifilm images via Paris VOGUE
SOURCE: The Verge

Elise Ay




  1. September 27, 2016 / 2:32 am

    Oh I didn’t know Michael Kors had a collaboration with Fujifilm; it seems a little random for Michael Kors to collaborate on a camera but the bag and camera design definitely looks very good


    • September 27, 2016 / 9:35 pm

      Yay, I’m a little surprised as well. It seems like Michael Kors is trying to develop its technology-wise products.

      Thanks for stopping by xx

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