#ootd 002| Adidas Iridescent Watercolor Bomber Jacket

Dated back to late August, it was kinda autumn-ish that time (which means it turned hotter later on). After strolling in the adidas concept store, I brought home this iridescent jacket. Frankly speaking, this jacket might not be a bomber jacket for its strict definition, but I’d like to call it this way. The silky texture is really soft and tender, and the iridescent dark rainbow colors catch my eyes at first sight. It’s a jacket hard to categorized, maybe just like who I am, unwilling to be labeled.

八月底那時有一兩週天開始涼了,到 adidas 旗艦店逛了一圈,就提了這麼一件耀目的黯色七彩外套出來。其實不知道該怎麼定義這件外套,它看起來像是件飛行夾克,然而它不像一般夾克單一色系上頭有精緻的刺繡,或是簡單撞色的設計,這件外套的面料是手感極佳的緞面,加上這五彩繽紛的色調,啊,這是一件無法歸類的外套。或許會買下它,隱隱也不想要自己被歸類吧。


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This is the jacket I wore when visiting the Nice Neighbor trade show. It was quite warm that day; however, due to the neutral colors I wore, without this jacket, it might be less eye-catching. Thus, I rolled up the sleeves to cool a little bit; meanwhile styled the jacket. I wore a classic Tommy Hilfiger logo T-shirt and a pair of knitted light grey culottes, and with the pair of popular navy blue adidas Stan Smith and a beige-grey Fossil tote bag, I was ready to go. Such an exhibition-going look, huh?

去逛好鄰居風格時裝展那天,天氣突然又回暖,然而我的搭配極素,少了外套彷彿少了點精神。於是一整天都將外套袖子拉上來,一方面涼一些,一方面也是種造型。Tommy Hilfiger 的小 logo 黑色棉T,配上 Meier. Q 的針織不對稱交疊寬褲,再踩上一雙這兩年極熱門的 adidas Stan Smith,背上米灰色 Fossil 托特包,就是一個適合看展的 look。



(This photo via Nice Neighbor’s Facebook Fanpage)


I do wear this jacket a lot, but seldom do I take outfit photos. I really adore this adidads iridescent watercolor bomber jacket. The silky rainbow colors outside and the red cotton lining inside indeed make themselves good partners. This is not only an eye-catching jacket but also a comfy one.

In fact, I have another jacket with similar concepts, the one I bought from Starmimi. The color is lighter, and more watercolor-like. To compare, this adidas jacket outweighs the Starmimi one in texture, but the Starmimi one wins at its cutting.

平時我很常穿這件外套,不過真正留下照片的搭配卻很少。這件 adidas 黯色水彩渲染緞面外套是我最近的心頭好啊!有時候不小心刮到總心疼。表面絲質緞面的七彩與內裡大紅棉質的材質混搭,不只舒服還相當搶眼,滿適合我愛搞怪、不喜與人同的個性(笑)。

早先也有一件類似概念的夾克,去年在 Starmimi 買的淺色系水彩渲染外套,和這件 adidas 一淺一深彷彿分工好了一件負責兩季。這件的材質沒那麼好,不過版型很挺,袖子往上捲兩折,能帶出人的活力。


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Although there are very few photos of my outfit, I love this jacket so much that I definitely should write a post about it and share it with you. Hope you like it:)


adidas 這件七彩緞面夾克是最近的新歡,Starmimi 這件由於天氣漸漸冷了也要收起來了,剛好有個接替。照片很少,但真的很喜歡這件外套呀,做個簡單的分享:)

Elise Ay

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