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If you’ve paid attention to the news on the National Day last month, you might probably notice that there was a cafe arising great focus. This cafe launched a drink delicately corresponded to what was actually happening in the society. With great creativity and a little bit sarcasm, this drink won over customers and made this cafe, OLD MAJOR COFFEE, different from other cafes in Taipei.






I’ve known OLD MAJOR COFFEE since it greatly opened in April, due to the owner is a friend of my friend. However, it is a bit too far from where I live, and I’ve been quite busy lately, so I haven’t got a chance to give it a try. Not until I hopped OLD MAJOR yesterday did I know how near it is with my hair salon.

其實早在今年四月 OLD MAJOR 剛開幕的時候我就知道這間店了,是大學、研究所學姊的朋友開的。然而中山國小站於我有些距離,遲遲沒能去坐坐。這個週末趁空跑了一趟,才發現原來它離我的髮型設計師換到的新髮廊這麼近。


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OLD MAJOR COFFEE is easily to find, and the space and the interior are warm and relaxing, especially for this row of single seats. See the chairs? They seem so comfortable that you can position yourself here for hours without interruptions.

OLD MAJOR COFFEE 落地窗的店面在新生北路上相較醒目,並不難找,而咖啡廳的空間不擁擠,尤其這一排單人座位,光用看得就覺得能在這裡待上一個下午不受干擾,那個椅子看起來非常舒服。




The name of the cafe, OLD MAJOR, comes from the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell. In the novel, animals couldn’t bear the exploitation of human beings anymore; thus, the leader, Old Major the big, initiated a revolution. With anti-exploitation and amelioration of working environment in mind, OLD MAJOR COFFEE uses food and materials from fair trade companies or provided by smallholders. Although it might not affect the whole working environment in Taiwan at once, it is action; ideals have been put into practice anyways, which I appreciate greatly.


OLD MAJOR 的店名構想,來自喬治.歐威爾的《動物農莊》(Animal Farm)。小說中的動物由於不滿人類的剝削,作為動物領袖的豬--老少校(Old Major)因此發起一場反人類剝削的革命。秉持著反勞動剝削、改善台灣的勞動環境由自身做起的理念,OLD MAJOR COFFEE 所使用的原料都是公平貿易或是小農供應,像是小農鮮乳與生態綠公平貿易咖啡豆,力量雖然微薄,但仍一點一滴為改善台灣的勞動條件盡一份心力。



Food from OLD MAJOR is quite nice. There are parinis and waffles to choose from. This smoked chicken parini is based with peanut butter sauce, along with grilled cheese and vegetables. The vegies taste a bit sour, maybe with some lemon sauce I guess, which I don’t prefer, but it is still pretty good as a whole.

OLD MAJOR 提供三種不同口味的帕里尼與鬆餅。這款燻雞時蔬帕里尼除了以花生醬為底,還加入了濃濃的起司,蔬菜量也不吝嗇,只是蔬菜好像加了檸檬,有些酸酸的,我覺得和整體味道沒有很搭,沒有太喜歡。不過整體而言還算不錯。


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However, when it comes to drink, the food has less things to compare with. The black tea latte tastes very smooth without the bitterness of teas, and the milk is great. OLD MAJOR does not use sugar. Instead, they adopt honey.

但若和它的飲品相比,OLD MAJOR 的食物就有點相形失色了。紅茶拿鐵甘醇順口,奶味又濃又香,附的是蜂蜜。而且知道他們用的是無添加的小農鮮乳,喝起來也比較安心。


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Frankly speaking, what really motivated me yesterday to rush to OLD MAJOR COFFEE is this limited drink, MR. 187 Caramel Latte. Do you come up with someone for this look? You bet, it’s Donald Trump. To correspond with the coming up US election in 11/8, OLD MAJOR launches this limited drink, with the yellow of the caramel, the white of the milk, and the black of the coffee. Before you drink it, don’t forget to mix the colors. Do you feel some metaphors within? 😉

This caramel latte tastes quite sugary, but I still really love it. If you’d like to try out Mr. 187, go before it is 11/13!

I didn’t stay there long since I have other stuffs to run afterwards, but OLD MAJOR COFFEE is a place where you can sit working for a whole afternoon. When I go there next time, I would like to try the single seat. xx


其實讓我下定決心來晃晃的動因是這杯因應美國11/8大選的「187先生焦糖拿鐵」!三層色系精心製作—黃色手拉焦糖絲、白色建成小農鮮乳、黑色公平貿易香濃咖啡。飲用前請均勻攪拌,讓黃色、白色、黑色均勻融合,看見白臉變棕色膚色後,即可飲用。(文案摘自 OLD MAJOR COFFEE)這杯真的又好笑又好喝。將焦糖絲拌入咖啡中,雖然有點太甜,不過非常好喝我喜歡。期間限定只到11/13!




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