Review|HP Spectre x360, the Uninhibited Freedom 自由而輕便的科技道具

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HP Spectre x360 just launched recently is a great partner with uninhibited freedom, accompanying city travelers to any kind of events in life, both for work and for entertainment. It is light to carry and versatile to respond to any kinds of tasks.


2016年底甫上市的 HP Spectre x360,像是一縷自由而輕便的靈魂,伴隨著城市旅人因應都市的各種生活,或工作、或娛樂。它輕巧的裝置適合城市人奔波的行程,而其多變的形式則提供使用者不受限制的多種功能。


Not Your Typical Laptop 不只是筆記型電腦


The artisan-wise Spectre x360 looks really similar to MacBook, not only in its color and the shape of the charger, but also in the annihilation of USB ports and the adoption of thunderbolts (USB Type-C). However, there’s more about Spectre x360. The most outstanding feature of it must be the 360 degrees touch screen. The screen is 13-inch, but it is smaller in its whole size compared to normal 13-inch laptops. In addition, the facial recognition system saves time for you entering your passwords. It is definitely interesting for someone like me  who never uses this kind of high-tech before as well.


主打美學設計的 Spectre x360 與 MacBook 在設計上神似,不只都以絲光銀為本體顏色,充電器一黑一白,皆為正方形外,還都取消了 USB 埠而改採 thunderbolt(USB Type-C)的形式。然而 HP Spectre x360 又多了更多功能,其中最顯著的就屬它的觸控式翻轉螢幕。 螢幕大小13吋的 Spectre 實際體積只有約11吋,窄邊界的設計讓它在有限的體積中能將螢幕最大化,而 Spectre 的觸控螢幕還能360度旋轉成平板模式,一機兩用,出門不再大包小包。此外,人臉辨識系統也省去了輸入密碼的時間,且對不曾用過人臉辨識功能的我來說有種進入高科技電影的有趣感。



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As an Apple fanatic, I can’t help but wonder what the differences are between HP Spectre x360 and Apple products. As you can see from the picture, Spectre x360 is indeed smaller than MacBook Air, but the size of the screen remains the same. Besides, Spectre x360 is much bigger than iPad Air 2, which makes it a better gadget for movies and TV series when you transform it into tablet mode.


身為果粉,不免俗來比較一下 Apple 系列產品與 HP 這台 Spectre x360。HP 這台筆電與13吋的 MacBook Air 雖然重量感覺上差不多,但體積明顯小於 Mac,不過螢幕與 Mac 卻是一樣大,而又遠大於 iPad Air 2。Spectre 螢幕大小不變,體積卻縮小了,帶著外出時更方便。平時回家看美劇影集時,螢幕又比 iPad大,成為更好的追劇神器(笑)。


Highly Sensitive 高敏銳度的觸控面板



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People all know that the system of Windows and iOS differs in many aspects. However, I did not feel awkward or had difficulties in using Spectre x360. The touch panel of Spectre x360 is equally sensitive as MacBook. However, when I transform it into tablet mode, I often accidentally touch the keyboard, thus making the settings go wrong. Besides, I feel the intervals of each key is disparate in MacBook and in Spectre x360. For instance, when I’d like to type “the”, what appears on the screen of Spectre might be “yjr.” (which is probably my own problem. I just don’t know.) The design of the arrow keys on Spectre x360 are quite hilarious as well. I have no idea why the right and left keys stay as twice big as the up and down keys. Maybe the designer just wanted to fill up the blank.


Windows 和 iOS 系統的差異無需贅言,但在轉換上我還滿能適應的。一般來說,習慣 Mac 敏感的觸控面板,再用到 Windows 系統的筆電往往不伏手,不過 Spectre x360 的觸控面板與螢幕都相當敏銳,幾乎與 Mac 並駕齊驅。只是翻轉360度轉換成平板模式時,常常不小心碰到背面的鍵盤而讓設定亂掉。鍵盤間距與 MacBook Air 也有些差別,大概是手指往右位移一個鍵的距離,例如我想打 the,同樣的位置在 Spectre 上會變成yjr(不知道是不是我個人問題?有可能是lol)Spectre 的上下左右鍵也有點幽默,左右鍵不知為何非常大,是上下鍵的兩倍,看起來比例不太對,有點搞笑(這樣的設計應該就只是為了填補空出來的位置)。


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To sum up, there’s not much difficulty transferring from MacBook Air to HP Spectre x360. The characterized 360 degrees touch screen makes Spectre x360 the combination of iPad and MacBook. The versatilities of Spectre x360 also renders more convenience to  people living in cities with less weight and more functions. The uninhibited freedom of Spectre x360 is absolutely a great tool assisting our daily lives.

I’m no expert of course. It is also the first time I blog about high-tech gadgets. Here, I just review it with some firsthand genuine personal experiences. Hope you might feel it helpful anyways. xx


整體而言,從 MacBook Air 切換到 HP Spectre x360 滿好上手的,多了360度螢幕翻轉和觸控的功能根本是 iPad 和 MacBook 的二合一。多功能的結合更符合都市人成天在外東奔西跑需攜帶便利的要求,也合於當代社會工作與娛樂多元化的生活形態。Spectre x360 就是一個輔助生活、多功能不受限的科技道具。

我實在不是什麼 3C 達人,這也是我第一次寫科技產品。這裡僅就個人的一些使用心得誠實評測分享。


Thank you HP for inviting me to review this Spectre x360 laptop.

Elise Ay




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    Tiffany x

    • November 10, 2016 / 12:01 pm


      這台的重量和13吋的Air差不多,不過能翻轉成平板真的滿方便的。我這一年來旅遊都強迫自己不要帶電腦,雖然心上還是有罣礙 lol

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    wow, that looks&sounds amazing) keep on posting

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      Thank you so much for the compliments!
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