#ootd 004| Blue is the Warmest Color

As a blue-aholic, I have most parts of my wardrobe filled in blue. Following blue are the neutral colors of black, white and gray, sometimes with a little bit shades of military green, baby pink and nude. Except for the classy colors, blue is definitely my favorite one.

I bought this blue cotton shirt from ZARA’s Premium Denim Collection about half an year ago. I seldom picked it when dressing myself up, due to its kinda exaggerated loose and big sleeves. I prefer minimal look most of the time, but it just caught me when I lingered around in ZARA.

I love the soft touch of this blue shirt. It is also a practical item that can be worn from summer to autumn. When in not so hot summer days, I’ll rolled up the sleeves, or just let it drape down to protect my skin from the hideous UV rays. While it’s a not so windy autumn day, I will have the sleeves remain their original look, quite comfortable anyway.






上半年在 ZARA 買了這件藍色純棉 Denim Collection 的寬鬆袖無領襯衫上衣,但遲遲放在衣櫃裡沒拿出來。我平時的穿著非常簡單,也就忘了有這件誇張一些的衣服。況且穿這種寬鬆袖,尤其這件的袖子特別大,很容易被戲稱要去演歌仔戲啊(笑)。


Summer Look


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A simple top, a pair of trousers or jeans accompanied by a pair of slippons or sneakers, along with a all-you-can-fit-in tote bag, is always my go-to look. This time, I styled myself with an extra white hat with a little bit navy blue stripped on it, which somehow created a different atmosphere of my outfit.


上衣、牛仔褲/寬褲、球鞋/休閒鞋,再拎個什麼都能裝的托特包,似乎成了我的穿搭 SOP。這天多戴了藍白清爽配色的巴拿馬帽,似乎為單調的裝束添了點不同的氛圍。


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Frankly speaking, the sleeves of this shirt is too long and too big to rolled up tightly. As you can see in the picture, they always end up as bulks. But whatever, everything that is casual, stays casual.

The casual penchant for my outfit preference actually points out a distinct contrast with my serious personality. Perhaps in my subconsciousness, I just want to ease my seriousness with my casual look. No matter what, try to be a more tender, considerate and empathetic person if possible.





#00td Information

Shirt: ZARA
Ripped Jeans in White: Starmimi
Sneakers: Nike Tanjun
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Review: Timeless Piece 36mm Daniel Wellington
Bag: Givenchy Parfum


Autumn Look


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I’ve never studied calculus, but I knew it when spotting the equations lol

This shirt is objectively more feminine; however, as a unisex style lover, I choose ripped jeans and sneakers to balance the whole look, both tender and tough. By the way, I prefer to display feminity through accessories and nail polish.







The sleeves are no doubt really WIDE!

When attending Yutopia’s workshop at NTU, I wore this blue shirt as well. Please pardon my weirdly short bangs which I got it cut just days before.


從照片可以發現,這件上衣的袖子真的非.常.寬!感覺能從袖口掏出一把寶劍或是變出一台南瓜馬車 lol

參加 Yutopia 在台大的工作坊時,我也穿了這件上衣。剛剪的超短瀏海有點奇怪,但無所謂,頭髮一下子就長了,不必常跑髮廊修瀏海,生活輕鬆省事比較重要。



#00td Information

Shirt: ZARA
Soft Ripped Jeans: Uniqlo
Review:#ootd 002: As Autumn Comes
Sneakers: adidas Stan Smith
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Rings: cor-date, #accro bijoux
Review: Mes #accro bijoux Collections
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Shakespeare & Co. cotton tote
Review: The Versatile Denim Blue- My Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac
Nail Polish: Chanel #018




Blue is my favorite color, also the warmest color.

Any other advice for how to style this blue shirt? Let me know what you think;)

Elise Ay

踏過了一部分的世界,目前選擇落腳紐約。Elise 現在在紐約 Parsons 時尚研究學程唸她的第二個碩士,同時也游移在各大時尚品牌擔任公關實習生。幫台灣時尚媒體撰稿的工作就算有時怠惰,但不曾停歇。



    • December 6, 2016 / 9:04 am

      Thank you, Tiffany!
      It’s so kind of you 🙂

  1. December 5, 2016 / 7:58 am

    I use to love Blue as well, but now everything in my wardrobe is black haha.
    好喜歡你用破褲搭配荷葉袖上衣這套,我自己也偏好中性風,有時候太lady的我反而覺得不自在. Adidas 的小白鞋也好好看!


    • December 6, 2016 / 9:09 am

      My wardrobe starts to be filled with more neutral colors this year lol


      總覺得中性的搭配簡單率性又方便活動啊(一個非常少穿裙子,永遠是破褲、寬褲走天下的人XD)這雙Adidas Stan Smith 這幾年好紅,但它真的沒有很好穿⋯⋯QQ

    • December 8, 2016 / 4:50 pm

      Thank you Violette <3


  2. December 15, 2016 / 10:43 am

    覺得可以駕馭這種浮誇袖子的人真的很厲害haha love your outfit <3
    and i wanna know where's that wall of calculus 🙏🏼

    • December 16, 2016 / 12:43 pm


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