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It’s the eighth year for me living in Taipei city. To survive in this melancholic and humid city, I think family is always my greatest support. I went back to Chiayi, my hometown, last weekend with this Beara Beara Santa Anna backpack.


上個週末回到嘉義,背上 Beara Beara Santa Anna 後背包,探索不曾發現的嘉義市。

I’ve been eyeing Beara Beara for a really long time. However, I can never make a decision whether to get a easy-to-go-with saddle bag, or an iconic camera bag, or an embroidered backpack. Not until I attended the giveaway at yes! Please Enjoy, did I get my very first Beara Beara bag.

關注 Beara Beara 的復古包款好長一陣子了,但總拿不下心究竟是要小巧輕便的馬鞍包,還是極有特色的相機包,或是帶有民俗刺繡的後背包。直到參加了 yes! Please Enjoy 的 Beara Beara 贈獎活動,非常幸運地得到了 Santa Anna,於是,我擁有了我的第一個 Beara Beara,一個我從來不曾嘗試過、甚至也沒打算嘗試的極復古雙扣硬殼後背包。

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This Santa Anna backpack is a bag I would never think of trying out. It’s neither my simple, casual and effortless chic style, nor the kind of convenient tote bags I used to have. I was a little concerned about the really retro look of this backpack would not fit in my outfit. Nevertheless, after I carried on the bag, everything I was worrying about just vanished. Santa Anna fits rightly, and its idiosyncrasy adds an extra style into my daily outfit. Even for a 170 cm tall boy like my younger brother, Santa Anna still remains the perfect size.

It is made of genuine leather, and the metal details are also of high quality. There are plenty of pockets inside and outside the backpack, but due to the hardness of the backpack’s texture, it is of little flexibility to take out and put in stuffs quickly. However, it is not a problem. Just put the stuffs you will get in use frequently, for example, your purse and iphone, in the first open pocket, all the inconveniency will be solved.

The texture of the leather seems to bring me back to Cambridge in the 18th century. It is also like family, a warm and trust-worthy companion, that is able to accompany me for a very very long time.

Santa Anna Backpack 有別於我習慣也喜愛的簡約俐落風格,這麼復古的造型讓我一開始有點懊惱它究竟會不會跟我格格不入。然而真正背上它,一切的煩惱都顯得多餘。Santa Anna 一如它皮革的溫潤,毫不費力地就融進我每日舒服平實的裝扮中。這天,弟弟好奇借去背,它也同樣巧妙地與他學院風的裝束和諧共處,大小對一個170公分的清瘦男孩來說也不顯小。

Beara Beara 這款後背包全牛皮的質料硬挺,仿舊的金屬配件有質感,其中有不少隔層,適宜收納。不過,由於背包的質感偏硬,夾層的彈性不大,東西不是很好拿取。但只要避免把常用物件放在需要一點時間開闔尋找的拉鏈袋裡,改為放在開口的小夾層中,就能降低使用上的不便。復古的外型、適中的大小、深淺不一的真皮表面上略微刮傷的壓痕,彷彿將人帶進時光的迴廊,來到了18世紀的康橋。而它的風韻、質地與溫度,像家,背著背著,好像就能走得很遠。

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This Santa Anna backpack, my very first Beara Beara piece, is just like a metaphor in life. After all the indecisive consideration, it came to me without me making any decision. It is far from the style I’m used to and would be fond of, but it stays so true and fits into my outfit so well. Besides, it was given by Fanning, founder of yes! Please Enjoy. I’ve always liked her warm words, which are alywas full with wits and contemplation of life. Viewing this incident from different angles, I find this Beara Beara Santa Anna backpack really a life metaphor.

我的第一個 Beara Beara 包,竟是在我長久考慮、無法下決定的情況下,絲毫不費功夫地來到我的手中。我沒有選擇,是它選了我。它迥異於我舒適圈的風格,也讓我有了另一種嘗試。而送給我這款包包的 yes! Please Enjoy 主理人凡寧,是位我追隨了兩、三年好喜歡的寫作者。身在德國慕尼黑的她,總以溫暖而有力道的文字,娓娓道盡身處異國的生活與思考。從好多角度來看,這只 Beara Beara Santa Anna Backpack 都像則生命的隱喻。

To be back to my outfit this day, I was not supposed to wear this dark grey pencil skirt for the outfit. I just accidently took the wrong piece when I was packing in a rush. This look was supposed to be paired with similiar grey flannel culottes. The pencil skirt exposed my weakness of chubby legs resulted from exercises. But it’s okay though. Anyways, who can really be that perfect?


#ootd Information
Sweater: H&M
Skirt: Starmimi
Booties: Chocolate Schubar
Backpack: Beara Beara Santa Anna

Elise Ay

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