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Hello, it’s been a while since my last update. How have you been for the holidays? I’ve been through a cozy and relaxing New Year. Hope you all had good times!

If you’re an old friend from Instagram, you’ll notice that I’m such a marble addict since 2015. (You might probably also get some clues from the background of my website!) I bought several more marble stuffs in late December last year. (Oh my god, 2016 has already been last year!) Okay, let’s take a look at my new marble collection without further due!

The Kaleidoscope 的上一篇文章大概是三個禮拜前了。不曉得大家的聖誕節和跨年過得如何呢?早已過了那種愛熱鬧、愛人擠人場合的年紀了,待在家裡靜靜地看部電影、追部影集,和朋友喝點小酒、吃些零食,對現階段的我而言很放鬆愜意。

如果你是我的 Instagram 老朋友,你應該會發現我大概從2015年開始,就開始搜集各種大理石紋的東西。從手機殼、筆記本,到衣服,能買到、價錢又負擔得起的絕不錯過。身為一個大理石控,前陣子在網路上發現的這系列大理石文具再度擊中我心。


☆ Marble Sticky Notes

The round marble sticky notes might be my favorite purchase this time. The paper quality is great and the marble print is quite real, not that kind of fake and cheap ones. It look really nice on my notebook and bullet journal.

這個大理石圓型便利貼大概是這次三樣文具裡我最喜歡的了。有別於一般正方形、長方形的便利貼,圓形的本就少見,再加上它是大理石哪!大理石!貼在筆記本或 bullet journal 上為頁面平添了幾分優雅氣質。它的紙質很不錯,黏性也還可以。


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☆ Marble Ballpoint Pen 0.38

It writes really smoothly. The ink goes well, and the marble print is nice as well. However, the print of the pen wears off easily when in touch of other stuffs. For example, after I put it in my pen pouch for a while, there already have been many scratches and the marble print was torn off. My heart broke when witnessing the pen situation:( By the way, as a person used to 0.5 or 0.7 pens, the 0.38 line is too fine for me.

這枝0.38的油性圓珠筆寫起來順手、墨水出水量也很剛好,只是,就是這個只是,它容易被刮花的表面材質實在傷透了我的心 lol 才放進筆袋裡不一會兒功夫,下一次再看到它原本平滑的大理石表面,早已傷痕累累。另外,對一個習慣 0.5 或是 0.7 筆尖粗細的人而言,0.38 實在有點太細了。


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☆ Marble Notebook

I’ve been eyeing this notebook for a while, but I’ve still been using my marble notebooks from Starmimi, where I bought about three. I eventually bought this one for my bullet journaling this time. I’ve been using a military green Leuchtturm 1917 notebook as my current bullet journal since last September. I plan to use this marble notebook as my next bullet journal. The cover is thick and durable. The paper quality is nice. And the other side of the cover is in the color of baby pink! How cute is that!

關注這本大理石筆記本一陣子了,然而身為一個勤儉持家(蛤?)好女孩,之前在 Starmimi 一口氣買了三本的大理石筆記本用完前,我都很乖地只是看看。這次會下決心買它,一來是因為它比較厚,適合讓我拿來當 bullet journal;一來 Starmimi 大理石筆記本也已經用得差不多了。我目前 bullet journal 用的是德國 Leuchtturm 1917 墨綠色封面的筆記本。這本大理石筆記的封面上了一層亮面漆,用的是高磅數的厚紙,內頁的紙質也很不賴。重點是,封面另一側它用了一個鮮嫩的粉紅色紙作為內襯,怎麼這麼可愛!


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I love marble, maybe for its elegance, coolness, and uniqueness. Every time I see a marble stuff I just feel calm. Just don’t know why.

All the three pieces are from Dear Maison, a Korean stationery brand. I found them on Pinkoi. As a marble addict, I couldn’t be happier with this stationery collection. I’m planing to get a marble water bottle and a marble carry-on. Am I too crazy? lol


以上三樣文具都來自一個韓國文具品牌 Dear Maison,是我無意間在 Pinkoi 上閒晃時發現的。我的大理石收藏又多了三樣文具。接下來想繼續入手大理石保溫瓶和大理石登機箱。我會太誇張嗎哈哈哈XD


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