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Oh, I must apologize for my recent absence to those who have stopped by frequently to check if I’ve posted something new. I have several projects working on, and yes, I’m here today to keep you updated of what I’ve done these days and what I’m going to do in the future. (but probably you won’t be interested though lol)



Interview with Jing


In mid-February, I interviewed Jing, a talented Taiwanese fashion illustrator. Two articles regarding this interview have been posted. (Sorry, there is only Chinese version at this point of time.)

Interview|「也許就是我人生中這一連串的錯過,才造就了現在的我。」台灣時尚插畫家 Jing You 專訪(上)
Interview|「也許就是我人生中這一連串的錯過,才造就了現在的我。」台灣時尚插畫家 Jing You 專訪(下)



Parties with casts of Notre Dame de Paris


I’ve also participated in a music jam and after-party with the casts and dancers of the French musical, Notre Dame de Paris. I met interesting people there and of course I had awesome memories. I saw the performance (more than once this time haha). It is as fantastic as always, though the stadium in Taipei is kinda shabby and not suitable for this kind of performances though:(



Some quality time at cafes and restaurants


I went to several great cafes and restaurants with family and friends. Though I’ve been busy, I treated myself quite well;)



Take French classes again


Yes, I’ve been back to my French classes! I really need to improve my French. After passing the DELF B1 tests in 2014, I’ve hardly had any chance to learn or use French, and there’s no doubt I barely remember anything….Time to catch up with (complicated) French grammars and vocabularies!

I’ve written about how I prepared for DELF B1:

【How I Prepared for DELF B1】 法檢DELF B1準備心得
【How I Prepared for DELF B1】法檢DELF B1寫作架構



Be a Contributor at HxxA


HxxA is a website I’ve been following for years. I adore the simplicity yet refined elegance and modernity of both the articles and the photos there. It is indeed my pleasure to collaborate with HxxA. (I’m thrilled actually!)

This season, the topic of HxxA is “Earth Friendly”, which is undoubtedly one of the most important issues nowadays. I had my very first article posted. Go check it out! It is about CECI, one of my favorite Taiwanese brands. I’ve also written about it before.

HxxA:擁抱美學與兼顧永續的設計哲學:台灣設計師品牌 CECI 的城市遊牧

Interview|Burn off Layer by Layer 森林漫遊: Ceci 2017 S/S
Fashion Observation|Ceci, the Urban Nomad 台灣旅美設計師 Cecilia Chang 的城市遊牧


Get Admitted to MA Programs at Parsons, NYU and FIT


This is probably the most exciting news these months!!! I can’t believe I’m really going to flip a new page of my life in NYC! There must be so much to share then. Stay tuned!

As title, I get the offers from Fashion Studies (MA) at Parsons, Costume Studies (MA) at NYU and Fashion and Textile Studies (MA) at FIT!

Anyways, this is perhaps the best news this year till now.



Traveling to Paris


I’m traveling to Paris in only 9 days! Time flies! I’ve been there in 2014. Everything is still so vivid in my memory, but it’s already been three years!

Hope I can create some more wonderful memories and stories in Paris this time. And of course, there will must be posts about my trip to Paris. Don’t miss out!


Hope you’ve all had great days these months. See you after my trip to Paris!


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