Lipstick|Tom Ford Girls #024 Emma 原來是限量款的迷你白管!

Lipstick|Tom Ford Girls #024 Emma 原來是限量款的迷你白管!


連續用了兩個月的 Tom Ford Girls #024 Emma,因為實在太喜歡她可深可淺、能可愛也能氣勢的多種顏色變化以及滋潤度和飽和度,想說一定要寫篇專文分享,沒想到一查資料才發現,登愣!原來這系列是限量款!難怪剛剛在 Sephora 上找不到了⋯⋯(我對化妝品資訊實在非常後知後覺⋯⋯)。

雖然買不到了,但還是想記錄一下這支唇膏的神奇之處,下一次 Tom Ford 再推出限量款時也能有個參考依據。


Having been applying Tom Ford Girls #024 Emma for two consecutive months, I’m so drawn by its color versatility, moisturizing ability and saturation. However, I did not know it is a limited edition until I decided to write a post exclusively about it. I should have kept up with all the latest information in the cosmetic world though….

However, albeit it is not available for this moment, it is still good to know more about the pros and cons (no cons absolutely) about Tom Ford’s lipstick, no?



一直以來是個化妝保養品外行人,常常是一種產品從頭用到尾,空瓶了才開始物色下一款(也幸好如此才省了不少錢啊 lol)。

去年感恩節前後,意外在網路上看到 Tom Ford 新推出的迷你白管系列,每支唇膏都以他的女神命名,光是名字就讓我有點掉坑,而其中橘紅調性的 Anne(靈感來自安海瑟薇)和深莓紅的 Emma(是艾瑪史東不是艾瑪華森,儘管兩個艾瑪我都愛)更讓我覺得沒理由不去試試。

宿舍附近的 Sephora Tom Ford 唇膏櫃前人山人海,其實一開始比較偏好 #014 的 Anne (Ultra-Rich),然而試了之後覺得和我用了一年多還沒用完的 YSL Rouge Voulpé Shine #16 的調性有點相近,當時也在尋找一個比較秋冬感、能有氣勢但又不致於像 Giorgio Armani #400 唇萃那麼霸氣的正紅色,快速試了 #024 的 Emma (Ultra-Rich) 後覺得「嗯,應該ok」,就抓著去結帳了。(人實在太多只想趕快離開XD)。

那時正值 Sephora 打折週,打了85 折加稅後大概一千台幣左右。


Emma 本身看起來像是大紅,但擦上唇的顏色偏莓紅一點


I’ve always been a rookie for makeup and skincare. Never a big fan to experiment new products or brands. But this Tom Ford lipstick enticed me greatly when I randomly saw its news online. It’s probably about the names I think. Tom Ford named every lipstick in this collection after his favorite female icons. It’s already been pretty appealing just for the names, right?

#014 Anne (Yes you bet! It’s inspired by Anne Hathaway) and #024 Emma (Emma Stone not Emma Watson, but both of the two Emmas are my favorites) are both on my go-try-list. I preferred Anne at first. But it turned out that Anne’s orange shade was quite similar with my YSL Rouge Voulpé Shine #16, and because I was looking for something more autumn winter-like, more red shades instead of orange ones, so I ended up with Emma.

It was Sephora sale time then. After the discount, I got it in around 33.5 (after tax).





I was pretty surprised by the color when I first applied it on my lips. It was really red, dark berry red, if to be more specific, along with a little bit glisten effects. It was not what I expected (but still looked good though, just not what I was looking for). The second time I used it, I tried to wear it in only one layer. Magic did happen. It was more pinky, elegant, and softer than the previous red, stern, very confident and even a bit harsh look when applying in two layers. The color is awesome for everyday use. When going to events or parties, I’ll wear it in more layers, trying to brighten up my look with its distinct red.





Create different color shades by applying it in disparate layers; hence, different facets of one’s personality are displayed.



這是我的第一支 Tom Ford 唇膏,除了顏色很美很多功能外,滋潤度、保濕度也很夠(我覺得跟 YSL 差不多),非常好暈開,顏色很飽和,就算只薄擦一層還是很均勻不奇怪,沒有任何香精香料味(嚴格來說是完全沒味道),持久度還不錯,不過吃東西一定會掉色。重點是迷你白管外觀現代時髦,小小一支攜帶方便,比起一般大小的唇膏比較容易用完不浪費(哈哈哈)。


好的,人生第一次分享化妝品就獻給 Tom Ford Girls #024 Emma 了。

下一篇想寫我覺得比 Jo Malone 更值得購入的英倫香氛 Miller Harris 以及旅行配件搭配,有人有興趣嗎?;)


This is my first Tom Ford lipstick. The color is absolutely one of a kind, very saturated and moisture, and it has no artificial fragrance which I detest. It does fade after eating, but it’s not a big deal for me. What’s more, the white and gold color combination is too modern and chic to resist. The size of it is easy to carry with as well, even with the tiniest purse.

Alright, my very first post regarding makeup is dedicated to this Tom Ford Girls #024 Emma lipstick. Hope you enjoy it!

By the way, I’m thinking of sharing my Miller Harris fragrance and my travel outfit coordination in the next post.
Anyone interested?;)




  1. January 30, 2018 / 8:44 pm

    我的第一支Tom Ford也絕版了,而且買的第一天拍完照沒轉回去所以招牌的TF壓紋也被摧殘😂

    • February 4, 2018 / 10:47 am




  2. January 31, 2018 / 3:57 am

    但TF白管設計真的很吸引人,光放在包裡就很賞心悅目 哈哈
    發現Miller Harris 後真的就回不去了!!期待旅行配件分享:)


    Tiffany x

    • February 4, 2018 / 10:52 am

      好喜歡Miller Harris香味的層次感,每種味道都很舒服!




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