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Early this semester, I was in charge of taking behind the scenes at Knick Studios for Parsons’ Fashion Design BFA senior students. It was actually my first time to shoot BTS. If you’ve followed my Instagram, you might already see some of them. Anyways, without further ado, here are some of my favorites to share with you:)

這學期開學第一天,我進行了我人生中第一次的攝影棚側拍。之前在 Instagram 曾經分享過幾張照片和幾段攝影片段,還有很大的進步空間啦,不過這裡先統整了幾張我最滿意的照片跟大家分享,算是對「人生中第一次攝影棚側拍」的紀念:)





The dynamics of photo shooting was appealing. The two models, Han Wei and Shyloh Wilkinson, were so professional. They had no difficulty meeting the photographer’s requests no matter what.





Behind every impeccable photo lied numerous trial and error. Ideas were experimented; creativity took the reign.





Did you know the seemingly perfect designs on the photos were actually constructed by pins? lol Devils hided in details.



Yup, this is it! My first BTS shoots. Hope you like it!


(也是啊,這篇歸類在 Photography 耶,不要再囉哩巴唆寫一大堆了XD)



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