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Yesterday, the Nor’easter struck New York City again. Wait a minute, another snowstorm? Wasn’t it already spring? Oh yes, yesterday was actually the first day of spring! Holy moly, where are you spring?


But now, let’s forget about spring a little bit and take a look at perhaps the last snow view in Manhattan.







Growing up in a subtropical area, I’ll never feel too tired to watch the snow. It really is like a dreamy fantasy coming true that once only exists in movies or fairy tales. I know it’s cliché, but don’t you feel the romantic mysterious vibe just by viewing the photos? But enough of the cold, seriously.




This was actually the first time for me to see sledding in person. My mom kept an old photo of two-year-old me in a sled when we were living in Madison, Wisconsin. Even though I had no single memory of the snow and anything related to it, I still felt a sense of intimacy of my childhood.





Is the snowman Elmo?


I’ve been to Central Park numerous times but never been to the Belvedere Castle. The lake was magnificent, especially in the snow.


來過中央公園這麼多次,這也是第一次登上 Belvedere 城堡。從城堡俯瞰下去的湖景太壯觀,大雪中的湖根本是電影裡的景致。

It would be nice to have some company to walk in the snow, but it’s still good to walk alone. After all, in life, a lot of times, you can only walk on your own.




Do you want some oatmeal? When I was on my way to Central Park, I spotted this poor cute doggy on Madison Avenue. I believe its owner must stop by the cafe to get some food in very short time and wouldn’t let it wait for too long.




Okay, I hope you enjoy these photos just as I enjoy taking them.

Hopefully, this is the last snowstorm before spring really comes!






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