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In collaboration with Case Fetish


If you know me, you’ll know marble, geometric and asymmetrical designs are my gem.


So you’ll definitely know why I chose this lovely iPhone case from Case Fetish — the camouflage of baby blue, misty blue, marble, black and golden lines in between, really bought me.


I have owned several phone cases which looked just like this one, but they were all hard cases, which broke so easily. With the soft, flexible silicone material, this case seems more durable than my previous ones. I hope it can stand as long as possible (fingers crossed!)


Life has been a bit tumultuous for me recently. So many choices been made, so many changes been gone through, and so many self-doubt been undergone.


Be fearless of who you want to be.


This is kinda my conclusion after all these mental struggles. And also, dress and accessorize yourself you picture yourself to be 😉



就在我把上一個殼摔壞,又挖出之前的舊手機殼撐著用的時候,竟然收到了 Case Fetish 的合作邀請,於是挑了一個已經有好幾個(但都被我摔壞)類似的大理石幾何圖形樣式手機殼。人的喜好果然有邏輯可循。不過 Case Fetish 的這個天藍、霧藍、黑色以及大理石與金線的搭配組合,更顯得溫柔而神秘。






























很喜歡8月份這期的美國版 Vogue,除了封面人物是 Saoirse Ronan,裡頭 Seize the Day 的拍攝企劃也好有創意,而這一期,以 A Month of Firsts 為主題,從攝影師、寫作者,以及被報導的人物,幾乎都是新人。一本舉足輕重的主流雜誌願意做這樣的改變與嘗試,突然覺得,大品牌時尚雜誌,還是有點值得期待。


Case Fetish

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