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“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”
                                                                                                                                                 –Marilyn Monroe


After trying numerous brands and spending loads of money on shoes, I finally get to a conclusion: only functional footwear fits my finicky feet. And I will never be Carrie Bradshaw — with all those gorgeous but seemingly painful designer heels.


No one doesn’t love shoes with delicate design details. But every time when I tried on those at stores, feeling very comfortable in them, it turned out those beautifully designed shoes will ultimately hurt my feet in any possible ways. It’s not a matter of breaking in those shoes or not, it’s about them not being able to fit me.


Being aware of the eccentricity of my feet, I still don’t want to surrender to sneakers. I keep experimenting different brands and finally get my “comfy shoes list.” The first prize definitely goes to Fitflop, and the runner-up is surely Camper, which is the very first pair of shoes that don’t give me blisters. I loved Birkenstock, but it still takes some time to break in.






不想妥協運動鞋,本著實驗精神試遍各大鞋履品牌(其實也沒有遍啦),以前喜歡 Birkenstock,但勃肯鞋還是有磨合期;來美國後,買 Camper 便宜很多,也成為我的第一雙怎麼穿都不磨腳的鞋,原本覺得以後大概就鎖定 Camper 了,但愛嘗新的個性還是讓我繼續嘗試(繼續亂花錢)。



I’ve known Fitflop for a very long while, but since I’m not a big fan of flip-flops, I have little interests in this brand. However, people change. Just last week, I saw the gallery manager and my boss from my intern company wearing the same pair of slides but in different colors. They looked so comfortable. When I found out they are both from Fitflop, I did my own research and ordered these. The design is not the fanciest, but they are surely the comfiest.


After work, I immediately shopped on Fitflop’s official website, and placed the order on the gold and brown Delta. (It the pink x gold Delta weren’t out of stock, I would undoubtedly choose that.)


知道 Fitflop 這個品牌非常久了,但因為不很喜歡穿著夾腳拖到處跑,而 Fitflop 一開始的設計也非常華貴(甚至有點俗氣,sorry),也就沒有把它放在心上。直到上週,實習公司的藝廊經理和老闆接連兩天都穿著同款不同色的拖鞋來上班,讓我好奇心大起,很想知道究竟她們的鞋是哪個品牌。上週五藝廊經理和老闆在紐約上州有個會議,於是老闆換上高跟鞋,拖鞋就擺在辦公室裡,一看,原來是 Fitflop 的!(我知道這聽起來有點怪,但拖鞋就擺在一個很顯眼的地方 lol)沒想到 Fitflop 也開始跟上流行,不再執著於自己固有的設計了。


於是下班回家,馬上連上 Fitflop 官網,選了幾雙看得順眼的,問了問身邊人們的意見,最後選了這雙金色與棕色皮革的 Delta 拖鞋。(如果不是缺貨,其實我比較想要金色與粉紅配色的款式。)



My most frequently worn shoes this summer: Schutz、Puma & Fitflop


These pairs of shoes are really nice, but neither Schutz nor Puma are as comfy as Fitflop.

As I’m walking toward my 30s (still several years to go!), comfortableness compared with beautiful designs becomes my first priority .


巴西品牌 Schutz 的鞋小有名氣,折扣季的時候以三折價購入,雖然好穿,底也不至於全平,但走久了後腳跟還是會痛;而這雙 Puma 的涼鞋已經在紐約街頭被問了好幾次,無論是在店裡等著點餐,還是搭地鐵,這雙涼鞋成了陌生人搭訕的切入開頭 lol 它的底比較厚,沒有腳板痛的問題,但鬆緊帶的設計,穿了一整天下來常常會勒得腳後跟有點痛,也有點壓迫到拇指外翻。(我的腳真的很麻煩,我知道。)





Twinning with the cafe interior


I found myself twinning with the cafe interior. I love how my outfit interact with the environment lol


After wearing Fitflop Delta for a whole day and not having too much walking, I surprising found my thighs and hips so sore, but not that kind of sore when wearing uncomfortable shoes. It’s much like the sore after working out. Hopefully the Fitflop slogan “Get a workout while you walk” can really work on me hahaha.




穿了整天下來,沒有走特別多路或站特別久,但晚上回到家,大腿和屁股極痠,但不是那種穿到不適合的鞋的痠痛,有點像是運動的痠痛。具有「行動塑身鞋」之稱的 Fitflop,雖然曾被指出有廣告誇大不實之嫌,但這個痠痛法真的和以往不太一樣,希望我真的能塑身 lol。




To take advantage of the summer sale, I ordered another pair of slides from Fitflop lol

How can you resist discounts?


What’s your favorite footwear brand? Please share it with me! I really want to expand my comfy shoes list. (I know it’s already very expanded, but I want to keep a shopping list. Please help this girl out lol)


因為真的太好穿,於是趁現在下殺三折再打八折的促銷季,又訂了一雙看起來就像浴室拖的 Sola(是粉紅色!最近不知道為什麼一直很想要一雙粉紅色的鞋),但這兩年很流行這種樣式的拖鞋,太期待收到了哈哈。


妳覺得最好穿、最好走的鞋履品牌是什麼呢?拜託分享給我!(很想繼續開發怪腳能穿的品牌 lol)


Fitflop: (Not sponsored or affiliated! Feel free to click)



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