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It’s not perfect, but it’s real.


In this social media era, when everything is overly speedy and edited, film camera renders us a chance to slow down and opens a window to see what is real.


As a layman of film photography, Fujifilm Quick Snap (ISO 400/35mm/135film) disposable camera is undoubtedly the best tool to experiment whether I want to step in film or not. It’s cheap ($19.99 for two from CVS), portable (very light) and intuitive (just a click and it’s done). You don’t have to worry about how to adjust the aperture or set the shutter speed. All you need to do is press the shutter button. Oh wait, you do have options, but only two: flash on or flash off, and that’s it! Easy, no?


Here are some photos from my first experiment. They’re not good (at all), but taking them is fun!







首次嘗試底片機,選擇了Fufjifilm Quick Snap 一次性相機,意即拍完一次、拿去將底片沖洗出來後,就不能用了。紐約的CVS(24小時藥房,但其實幾乎什麼都有賣)兩個一包裝的即棄式富士相機賣19.99美金,一台大約三百元台幣的相機,當成我的底片入門實驗,好像還行。這台一次性相機除了閃光開關以外,就–沒–了!相當直覺式的操作,真的傻瓜相機中的傻瓜。





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