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在尋覓好鞋的路上繳了太多學費,大家一面倒說好穿的 Tory Burch 小羊皮芭蕾舞鞋,儘管鞋身柔軟,但鞋底太薄再加上彈性束帶設計,只要多走一點路,腳板、腳趾都還是痛到不行;板上評價不錯的 Sam Edleman 樂福鞋我也覺得不舒適、走久了拇指外翻處會很痛,甚至連穿 Nike 的 Gortez 阿甘鞋都還是腳痛,是那種很挑鞋、有時候甚至有點輕微足底筋膜炎的拇指外翻奇怪腳。之前寫過我對 Fitflop 鞋子的驚艷,Fitflop 的鞋有厚度,對腳板是項福音,但有時候看起來就是有那麼一點呆,


Clarks 的鞋好穿已不是新聞,但除了去年看電影前無意走進旁邊的 Clarks 實體店,不小心手滑了一雙折扣中的麂皮短靴,覺得還不錯外,其實對它沒有太多的想法,只知道是個英國經典鞋牌,在歐美購入的價格比在台灣買划算很多。



前陣子 Clarks 美國官網正價、折扣商品全面再七折的時候,買了雙非常基本款的黑色平底穆勒鞋紅色麂皮拖鞋,原本對拖鞋還抱有點懷疑,沒想到既柔軟又耐走,之前去西雅圖,打包好的鞋子竟然忘了放進行李箱裡,六天五夜的旅程就只有這雙穿上飛機的拖鞋,沒想到一天走一、兩萬步還很撐得住!(不過走到最後腳跟還是有點不舒服)



Leather Jacket: ALLSAINTS

Scarf: Gucci

Jeans: Frame

Bag: Cuyana





Jacket: Calvin Klein Jeans

Trousers: Everlane





If you have hallux valgus like I do, you’ll find Clarks a reliable companion for your daily wears and occasional travels. This pair of Pure Blush mules and also this Bay Petal slides from Clarks are real life-saver. Several weeks ago, I forgot to put my packed shoe bag into my suitcase for my trip to Seattle, yet this pair of red with some shades of orange slides surprisingly served me really well. I wore it for my six-day trip in the West coast, and could still feel my legs and feet after a long day of walking and climbing the slopes of downtown Seattle.


I’ve spent so much money on shoes, but most of them don’t fit me well. The highly-praised Tory Burch lamb skin ballet flats and the Sam Edelman loafers still would kill me after a whole day of wearing. They’re good shoes, but just not right for me (like men. I finally got the analogy between shoes and men lol). I used to wear a lot of Fitflop, but the design sometimes looks a bit clumsy and casual (I love you Fitflop, but sorry). I love Camper as well, yet if not for sales items, the price points are still a bit high. Now I finally found an affordable and comfortable alternative shoe brand, Clarks!


I’ll keep experimenting different shoe brands. Please stay tuned for my shoe reports! (Mom: stop buying shoes!!!)


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